Socratic Dialogue in the Treatment of PTSD: Putting it into Practice (December 1-2, 2022), Online

Socratic Dialogue in the Treatment of PTSD: Putting it into Practice (December 1-2, 2022), Online

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Socratic Dialogue is a core component in the effective delivery of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In fact, the degree to which therapists are skilled in using Socratic Dialogue has been shown to be associated with greater patient improvements. This applied workshop will provide learners with an opportunity to further develop their clinical skills in utilizing Socratic Dialogue in treating PTSD. A brief review of the social-cognitive conceptualization of PTSD and its treatment via CPT will be presented, followed by an overview of Socratic Dialogue as a therapeutic stance. Different types of trauma-related maladaptive cognitions and the Socratic questions aimed at addressing them will be discussed, with a focus on understanding and conceptualizing the cognitive errors that have kept patients “stuck.” Additionally, we will discuss the application of these concepts to complex presentations (e.g., addressing issues of intent and responsibility, as well as comorbidities).

The workshop will be highly experiential, incorporating video demonstrations, case material, clinical exercises, and role plays to gain more mastery in the practice of Socratic Dialogue. This workshop will present information rooted in theoretical model underpinning CPT, as well as discuss specific elements of the CPT protocol. Accordingly, prior attendance at a foundational CPT workshop and/or experience delivering CPT to patients is strongly recommended.

This workshop is suitable for healthcare practitioners and trainees in psychology, social work, nursing, counselling, medicine, and related mental health fields.

Course materials: As experience delivering CPT is highly recommended to participate in this workshop, attendees are encouraged to have read the latest version of the CPT manual. To purchase a copy available through Guilford Press, please click here.

Continuing Education: The CPT Training Team will be applying to the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) to offer continuing education. Once approval is confirmed, details will be added to this site. 

For an overview of the workshop and learning objectives, please click here.

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